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BIO-SHOPPING-BAG-1   Biodegardeble Shopping Bag
BLUE-JUTE-TOTE-BAG-1   Blue Jute Tote Bag
CANVAS-GROCERY-BAG-1   Canvas Grocery Bag
CHEERS-WINE-BAG-1   Cheers Wine Bag Set of Two
COSMETIC-BAG-1   Cosmetic Bag
DRAWSTRING-BAG-1   Drawstring Bag (Pack of Six)
GREEN-JUTE-TOTE-BAG-1   Green Jute Tote Bag
HAND-EMB-BAG-1   Hand Embroidered Bag
JUTE-GROCERY-BAG-1   Jute Grocery Bag
NATURAL-TWO-BOTTLE-WINE-BAG-1   Natural Color Two Bottle Wine Bag
NATURAL-EMB-BAG-1   Natural Embroidered Bag
NATURAL-FLOWER-BAG-1   Natural Floral Bag
ONE-BOTTLE-WINE-BAG-SET   One Bottle Wine Bag Set of Two
ONE-JAR-GIFT-BAG-1   One Jar Gift Bag
ORANGE-BAG-1   Orange Floral Shopping Bag
SHOPPING-LOT-1   Shopping Lot
THREE-JAR-BAG-1   Three Jar Bag
WHITE-TWO-BOTTLE-WINE-BAG-1   White Two Bottle Wine Bag
WINE-JAR-GIFT-SET-1   Wine & Jar Gift Set

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